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"An extremely entrepreneurial move."

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Consumer Reports

Editor’s Choice: LiveWire Rocket Queen

"It’s an interesting experience, and I mean that in the best way: I’ve never had anything like it."

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"Honestly, every sip of Rocket Queen unveils a previously-undetected flavor, which is half the fun of sipping on one, and the other half is looking at the spooky can design while you're holding it."


Wine Enthusiast

“LiveWire goes beyond the spritzes and simple cocktails that we sometimes see in RTDs,” says Gabriel Urrutia, author and bar consultant for Gramps in Miami, Florida. He describes the fizzy Honeydew Collins, created by Joey Bernardo, bartender at Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles and made with gin, coconut, lime leaf and elderflower, as “a perfect Miami sipper.” Plus, he says, “the packaging and design is also stunning.”

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Bartenders design the LiveWire flavors and are given full credit on the cans, in move that’s similar to going to a fancy bar, scrolling down the menu and choosing a signature drink based on ingredients, style of drink or bartender reputation.

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Inside Hook

"A new canned cocktail line models itself like a cool indie label."

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"LiveWire cocktails achieve something truly unique in the RTD space.”

“For 150 years we have been married to the flavor of lemon or lime,” Polsky says. Now, he’s able to match the pH of those fresh juices while building a core profile around high-quality natural flavorings. For the latter, he works with leading flavor company Givaudan, which has the ability to recreate the taste of every fruit at varying levels of ripeness.

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Imbibe Magazine

Patino’s take on the classic is a blend of straight rye whiskey with aged apple brandy, the spiciness of the former nicely complementing the subtly sweet fruit notes of the latter. Balanced with cherry bark and vanilla bitters from Bittercube, the result is a bar-quality drink that requires nothing more than the willingness to pour over ice and enjoy—brilliant.

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Icon vs Icon

“Rum and tropical drinks are too often expected to be overly sweet and juicy,” says Erin Hayes, currently Partner and Director of Sales & Trade Advocacy for Portland, OR-based Westward Whiskey. Rocket Queen turns that notion on its head with the balance of citrus, spice and complexity. I’m excited to convert people who might typically go for classics like a Moscow Mule or a Paloma into rum fans with this cocktail!”

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NY Mag

“In addition to sourcing high-quality ingredients that taste great, LiveWire puts the bartender front and center and compensates them for their intellectual property, which is something that doesn’t happen enough in the bar world.”

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Bartender at Large

"Tune in this week for an episode with star bartender, Aaron Polsky, as he shares the story behind his new company that is attempting to revolutionize the canned cocktail craze."

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