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"LiveWire cocktails achieve something truly unique in the RTD space.”

“For 150 years we have been married to the flavor of lemon or lime,” Polsky says. Now, he’s able to match the pH of those fresh juices while building a core profile around high-quality natural flavorings. For the latter, he works with leading flavor company Givaudan, which has the ability to recreate the taste of every fruit at varying levels of ripeness.

Imbibe Magazine

Patino’s take on the classic is a blend of straight rye whiskey with aged apple brandy, the spiciness of the former nicely complementing the subtly sweet fruit notes of the latter. Balanced with cherry bark and vanilla bitters from Bittercube, the result is a bar-quality drink that requires nothing more than the willingness to pour over ice and enjoy—brilliant.

Icon Vs. Icon

“Rum and tropical drinks are too often expected to be overly sweet and juicy,” says Erin Hayes, currently Partner and Director of Sales & Trade Advocacy for Portland, OR-based Westward Whiskey. Rocket Queen turns that notion on its head with the balance of citrus, spice and complexity. I’m excited to convert people who might typically go for classics like a Moscow Mule or a Paloma into rum fans with this cocktail!”


“In addition to sourcing high-quality ingredients that taste great, LiveWire puts the bartender front and center and compensates them for their intellectual property, which is something that doesn’t happen enough in the bar world.”

Bartender At Large

"Tune in this week for an episode with star bartender, Aaron Polsky, as he shares the story behind his new company that is attempting to revolutionize the canned cocktail craze."

The Daily Beast

"Capitalizing off of the meteoric rise of craft cocktails and the growing popularity of hard seltzer, new brand LiveWire aims to raise the profile of top bartenders."

LA Times

Part of the reason I started LiveWire was to ensure financial stability for the bartenders involved,” Polsky said. “I’m letting them use their intellectual capital as opposed to their labor capital.”


“Canned cocktails have lacked high-quality ingredients and bartender development,” he says. "An alum of notable bars like Amor y Amargo in New York and Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles, Polsky has pivoted his career to providing a platform for bartenders to reach consumers beyond their local markets."


"Bartender Aaron Polsky offers canned cocktails with recipes from famous local bartenders. For example, you can try a Honeydew Collins created by Joey Bernardo of Harvard & Stone. It’s a mix of gin, honeydew, coconut, lime leaf, and elderflower. Drinks are available on their website, DomaineLA, Thunderbolt and Bar Keeper."

Bit By A Fox

"What happens when you structure a drinks business like a record label – highlighting the talent in the industry and their creations versus the brand itself? That’s what Aaron wants to do with his ready to drink canned cocktails LiveWire Drinks, working with some of the most acclaimed bartenders around the world, and bottling their genius for the masses."

Good Beer Hunting

"Polsky worked at Harvard & Stone for three-and-a-half years. Last July, he left to pursue a different path: launching a line of canned cocktails, and the more ambitious plan to reconfigure the drinks industry by simultaneously debuting a talent agency for bartenders. LiveWire Drinks, a remnant of Polsky’s original plan to work in the music industry, functions more like a record label than a ready-to-drink product."

Wine Enthusiast

If you love a Cosmopolitan

Try: LiveWire Heartbreaker

"To be clear, this isn’t a Cosmo in a can. But the Heartbreaker hits many of the same notes: a crisp vodka base and a citrusy core of sweet-tart grapefruit intertwined with kumquat, jasmine and ginger."

The Speakeasy

"Sother has the opportunity to sit with noted New York bartender turned LA nightlife guru, Aaron Polsky to discuss how the music industry can be a model for how to operate a ready to drink cocktail company. Tune in to hear about his concept called LiveWire!?"

Los Angeles Magazine

LiveWire’s Heartbreaker

"This crisp and effervescent beverage is the brainchild of Harvard & Stone alum Aaron Polsky, and marries the best parts of a Moscow mule and paloma. Made with Ventura Spirits vodka, it’s punctuated with extracts and organic acids of oroblanco grapefruit, kumquat, jasmine, and ginger. LiveWire’s Heartbreaker, $6 at Bar Keeper, 614 N Hoover St., Silver Lake, livewiredrinks.com, and elsewhere."

Cooking Issues

"On today's episode of Intimacy Issues, Dave, Nastassia, and the rest welcome Aaron Polsky of LiveWire Drinks to discuss the recently released CDC guidelines for intimate encounters."


"Building a business when the drinks industry is in turmoil is a bold move. Is this new RTD cocktail company spotlighting bartenders exactly what the industry needs right now?"

Neat Pour

"Los Angeles bartender Aaron Polsky is celebrated as a rock star of the industry. Now, Polsky is taking that description literally with his new venture, LiveWire. Borrowing a cue from the music industry, LiveWire will promote and represent the bar world’s stars through a talent agency as well as merchandise such as an inaugural line of canned cocktails."

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