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Our Story

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Aaron. I started LiveWire with the belief that bartenders could use a platform to reach their fans and future fans around the world.

I believe that our work is a creative expression, from the spirit that we choose, to the physical menu that we design, to the name of the cocktail evoking a feeling.

A career bartender myself, I'm excited to be a part of helping further highlight the immensely talented bartenders that create brilliant drinks & nights, around the world.

What We Do

In keeping with that spirit, our bartender-collaborators choose the artists that design the art on the packaging to help their vision come alive.

We use the the finest spirits in the world, natural flavors and extracts, and we’ll never try to dupe you with a fresh juice claim.

Juice is great when it’s fresh, not when it’s put in a can and shipped around the world, so please continue to support your local bars. They make delicious fresh juice cocktails.

Our internal, company initiatives take a similar honest and open approach.

From pay transparency to help breakdown racial and gender inequities by allowing employee's to view the compensation of their co-workers. As well as better financial models to ensure all who contribute to the creative development of each product, are paid accordingly.

Where from here?

Launching mid-2020 with a business model that looks more like a record label than a typical drinks company, we've known from the start this was all about the longview for change.

Livewire is a brand, do doubt about it. However as brand, our focus is on putting the real talent of the drinks industry front and centre with their name 7ft tall in lights like they deserve

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